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Making the case for domestic cases

If you have had trouble finding American-made luggage, briefcases, or laptop carriers like I have, you’ll want to take a look at Tough Traveler at www.Toughtraveler.com. This fine American company based in upstate New York designs and manufactures all their products in the USA, and they have been doing so since 1970.

Tough Traveler makes all kinds of bags and carriers for all kinds of purposes such as backpacks, child carriers, garment bags, hiking packs, briefcases, computer bags, duffel bags, handbags, purses, camera bags, video bags, and even pet products.

Whatever it is you need to carry from point A to point B, Tough Traveler has a way for you to get it there. And of course all of their products feature American-made durability, so they’re perfect for business travelers as well.

As you may have noticed, it’s getting more and more difficult to locate briefcases and backpacks made in the USA. Several years ago, I bought a Jantzen backpack that had “Made in USA” proudly stitched right on the front under the brand name, but that wording is long gone as well as their domestic factory and most likely hundreds of American jobs with it.

In an era of globalization that seems to result in large and sometimes even profitable companies moving production overseas, it is increasingly important that we support smaller companies like Tough Traveler that are swimming upstream against the tide of ever-increasing foreign imports.

Since these smaller companies don’t often enjoy the shelf space at the big name retailers like the larger multinational companies do, their growth often depends purchases from patriotic American consumers and word-of-mouth by those same patriotic consumers.

If you’re in the market for what they offer, why not reward an American company that has been standing up for what is right and good about America? After all, manufacturing is the key to a prosperous America, not the guaranteed availability of cheaply made imports.

Just think for a minute of all the foreign-made school backpacks that are purchased each year and all the American dollars sent to foreign producers. If you have children who are going to need new backpacks for the next school year, why not look into an American-made one from Tough Traveler.

Since workers in foreign countries pay no taxes to America, that translates into zero funding for the same schools we are equipping our children to attend. It also means zero dollars for library books when our kids need to write research papers, and it means no extra money available for grants or endowments that help send thousands of America’s students to college.

Remaining true to its name, Tough Traveler offers some of the most durable and rugged products of their kind. It doesn’t matter what it is you are carrying with you or where you are taking it – Tough Traveler has what you need to take it with you.

Nancy Gold, owner of Tough Traveler, challenges you to compare the prices of their backpacks to the ones you find in the major retail stores. Once you do, she is confident you’ll find Tough Traveler backpacks very price-competitive, and they will definitely last a lot longer than the cheap ones imported from third-world countries. This is one of those times when “you get what you pay for” really has a meaning.

If you’re a frequent traveler like me, you’ll want to check out the Tough Traveler Tri-Zip carry-on, as recommended by Kiplinger’s and Ski magazine. This is the largest carry-on allowed by most airlines, and it weighs only 3.5 lbs. It even easily converts into a backpack!

Ever since Tough Traveler started doing business over 40 years ago, they have remained true to “Made in USA” and everything it stands for. So you can feel confident they’ll be there for you to make sure you’re happy with your American-made product.

Want to know more about Tough Traveler products including maintenance, accessories, and service after the sale? Then simply log onto the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of www.ToughTraveler.com for more information.

Tough Traveler products can be found in certain specialty retailer stores, but the best way to order is directly through their website or by calling 1-800-GO TOUGH. In supporting a patriotic company that has walked the walk in support of buying American for a very long time, you’ll also be doing business with an American company listed with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

With Tough Traveler, it’s good to know while you’re securely transporting your belongings no matter where you go or how you travel, you’re doing business with a company that has the secure backing of several other consumers and companies as well.