Obama is resorting to tactics against the Supreme Court that got him the Democratic nomination – bullying and threats. Some of this is just now reaching the public. Bill Clinton was the first birther. After the murder of Bill Gwatney, Aug. 13, 2008, Bill and Hillary Clinton suddenly no longer mention Obama’s legitimacy. Is there a relationship between a murder and keeping someone’s mouth shut? [“Hillary supporter’s untold Obama horror stories”]

I think history is going to embarrass the journalists of this country; then what do the people do for honest and fair reporting? Will they trust what they see on TV or in print? Truth always seems to surface at later dates in history. People think they have total control over history, but somewhere there is a pack rat storing hard-copy research that will in time reach the American people … all because our investigative journalist didn’t desire to reach into the past and get the data.

This story is bigger than the Nixon Watergate break in, but no one is willing to look into it, except Arpaio and Corsi. Obama spent over $2,000,000 to keep his background secret from the American people. You have to wonder how many journalists got paid to keep their mouths shut, pens quiet and computers turned off.

Is Obama’s birth certificate real? Is Obama’s draft card real? Why did he use a Social Security Number that was issued in Connecticut? Why did the Clintons suddenly stop telling people that Obama wasn’t legit?

The Constitution and this country were built on honest and fair journalism. What happened to “We the People”?

Thomas Tryber

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