The upcoming New York Times non-fiction bestseller list could foretell the outcome of the November presidential election by indicating how enthusiastic conservatives are to vote and participate in the campaign, according to talk radio host and author Michael Savage.

Savage told his audience today that the No. 1 position on the April 22 hard-cover non-fiction list of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s new book compared to the No. 3 position of his book, “Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream Of The Socialist States Of America,” leads him to predict a narrow Obama victory.

“If those willing to go out and buy a book are indicative of those willing to register and vote, then Obama wins by a nose,” Savage said.

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Maddow, “one of the most fanatical leftists in America,” he said, “wrote a book that her followers rushed out to buy.”

“If a woman with a small show on MSNBC can write a book, and her audience, though much smaller than mine, is much more loyal than mine … I’m telling you the same thing is likely to happen at the time of the election,” Savage said.

Savage’s “Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream Of The Socialist States Of America” spells out why America should not re-elect Barack Obama as president, warning: “An Obama victory in 2012 would doom this country.”

“It’s a do or die situation,” Savage told WND in an interview when the book was released April 3. “You can see the trajectory of Obama’s regime thus far.

“Imagine your worst fears, and you’re going to have some or all of it if this man is re-elected.”

“Trickle Down Tyranny” is Savage’s seventh New York Times bestseller. He made his fiction debut last fall with Abuse of Power,” which began at No. 4 on the Times list and became’s No. 1 bestselling hard-cover book.

Savage agreed with a caller today who said “liberals are way more motivated to change the country than conservatives.”

“They want to drag the country into a Marxist state,” Savage said. “Whether it’s Marxism light or Marxism heavy, we don’t know yet. But they are doing a very good job of destroying the way of life, and the conservatives are a big bunch of losers.”

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