(HSLDA.ORG) — If coverage by the Dayton Daily News and other media organizations is any indication, Ohio homeschoolers may face attempts to enact more intrusive home education laws.

In an article prompted by the death of 14-year-old Makayla Norman, who suffered from severe cerebral palsy, the Dayton paper drew a connection between the tragedy and purportedly lax homeschooling laws. The paper supported its accusation with a questionable interpretation of comments by Attorney General Mike DeWine, making it appear he is calling for more legislative oversight of homeschoolers in the Buckeye State.

The link between Makayla’s death and homeschooling is tenuous if not misleading, especially since The Daily News reported at least three medical professionals were involved in providing care to Mikayla. The only link reported by the paper to homeschooling was that the girl’s family notified authorities of their intent to homeschool her beginning about age 5, and then apparently did not notify thereafter. What’s more, it seems the attorney general’s investigation into the tragedy was actually sparked by suspected Medicare fraud.

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