I agree with your article that Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich should not drop out. While they reamin in, there is still hope for a turnaround. As a born-again Christian and conservative, I cannot vote for either President Obama or Gov. Romney. I see little difference in their “social” positions. Romney fathered Obamacare; Romney fathered gay marriage; he supported Planned Parenthood and their baby-murder agenda; he has a history of being pro-gun control. In summary, the term “evil” seems to describe the agenda of both.

Romney would probably be better for the nation’s economics, but leadership is about more than economics. As I have aged (I am nearing 60), I have concluded that my vote is my personal endorsement. I will not again provide my personal endorsement for the “lesser of two evils.” Such a vote is still an endorsement of evil. I shall not do so again.

Phil Qualis

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