That Billary Clinton knew that Obama was an ineligible candidate long before he was foisted upon the republic is certainly some of the oldest news that’s new news today. The sources for that information are still on the web, even they’re a trifle hard to find. It’s true many are gone, and yet a real search engine will find them.

I’ve said it before, others said it before me, I’ll say it again, and no doubt those others will too: It’s been known all along that Mr. Obama, or whatever his real name may be, was never eligible to be president, nor to be a U.S. senator. Were the Clintons not officers of the court? Are not officers of the court required by law, decency or moral character to report transgressions of law? How many times have we heard via television or movies lawyers spout that very maxim about mundane and petty infractions? How much more should national fraud and treason be reported and investigated?!

What it does say is that we have a criminal class of lawyers of such monstrous proportion as to boggle the mind. There are probably more criminals in various government agencies than not. It says that many known and unknown, and many unknowingly, are toiling diligently to dismantle the republic of these United States.

Do you think for a New York minute that Mr. Holder will do anything? Do you think there will be a lawyer in the Department of Justice – oh, what misnamed department, and what a statement that as soon as one was formed was proof that there is no justice – who has the guts to do anything? Do you think any of our elected representatives or senators, sworn to uphold the Constitution, will do anything? Well, it’s been years, so don’t hold your breath.

Evan Dimitroff

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