Current events suggest President Obama is to be thought of as “Reagan-like.” For many with strong remembrance of President Ronald Reagan, Obama cannot compare.

History will remind us that President Reagan, “The Great Communicator,” continually conveyed love of country; it’s people and history. He strived to bring us together, having pride in country and gratitude for its blessings. Whereas, Obama, with arrogance, has pushed an unsolicited agenda, purposefully rewrote history, shown contempt for the nation with his “apology tour”and avoided acknowledgment of “The City on a Hill.”

President Reagan stood with conviction for the voice that had no voice. President Obama, as a lone voice, stood to silence that innocent voice and the heart that was able to beat outside the womb.

Reagan framed the “L” word as something to avoid and pointed at the liberal, union-card carrier as a part of a plague. Obama not only wears the far-left “L” word, but also is in bed with any prostituted union member that will have him.

Instead of providing fish for ALL, regardless of need or effort, President Reagan fought to teach ALL how to fish and give ALL a desire to teach others to do the same. President Obama appears to have little need for such instruction.

A strong leader, Reagan knew who the enemy was and was not afraid to say, “Tear down this wall.” Numerous times, Obama has bowed to the enemy and turned his back on our friends.

Reagan’s tenure brought unprecedented economic and job growth. During Obama’s time we might ask Reagan’s famous question, “Are you better off today, than four years ago?” Most assuredly, NO!

The Great Communicator won American’s heart and mind, walking his talk. He loved America, and we knew it. He brought the best out in us. History may pronounce Obama as, “The Great Pretender,” but more likely, “The Great Divider.” His walk and talk has divided a nation with destructive, warfare rhetoric regarding class, race, sex, religion and ideology. Sadly, he is selective in who benefits in “his” America, having a quid pro quo mentality.

Freedom was key for Reagan. Divide, destroy and conquer are key for Obama. With an unprecedented national debt, burdensome regulations, restricted use of natural resources, mandated programs that suck more into dependency and hampered states’ voting laws, to name a few … freedom appears to be a meddlesome word.

So, the next time media or President Obama spew propaganda, insisting he is the reincarnated Ronald Reagan, first think there they go again! Second, shout: “We knew President Reagan, and you, Mr. Obama, are NO Ronald Reagan!”

Shelley Aamodt

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