(Breitbart.com) President Obama’s new campaign pitch is that Americans should have his back. He’s released posters via his campaign for African Americans for Obama; campaign email after campaign email has asked Americans to get Obama’s back. The implication in all of this: Obama has your back, so you should have his.

Only Obama hasn’t had our back. In fact, the last time Obama said he had someone’s back, he was talking about Israel – and that was even as he was actively undermining the Jewish State’s ability to hit Iran’s nuclear facilities. Unemployment remains devastatingly high. Gas prices remain unsustainably elevated. Inflation is hitting with a vengeance.

Obama’s notion, though, is that he has our back if he forces us to do something we don’t want to do. Obamacare was having our back – even if it meant forcing us to do something we didn’t want to do. His new student loan program is having our back – even if it means creating the single greatest financial scam since government-incentivized subprime mortgages.

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