Obama ran on hope and change. He hoped to change Bush’s policies. Now Romney is running on hope and change. He is hoping to change Obama’s policies. I hope he does.

Obama took Bush’s economy and made it worse. He weakened Bush’s strong military and turned it into an effeminate, weakened military. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” became a measure of social prejudice rather than an aid to good military camaraderie. Now Obama is planning to strip of us our nuclear weapons when everyone else is encouraging their proliferation. Is he the head of the KGB, or our president?

I hope we change Obama’s America back to Bush’s. I pine for the days when we were only $10 trillion in debt instead of $16 trillion. I long for the time when the president didn’t whisper secrets into the ears and microphones of our enemy like Medvedev or opine about Netanyahu into Sarkozy’s mic.

Please give us change from Obama’s hope and change so that our country will not become another broke nanny state like Greece.

Obama loves golf but doesn’t play it well. Well, that figures – he is a duffer trying to be a pro and a community organizer thinking that he can organize a country rather than a meeting.

Obama is a pocketful of change. His economy produces pennies. His hope is to turn his radical liberalism into a religion. He thinks he is the son of God. Instead of walking on the water he drifts across the bunkers. It takes him three strokes in the trap to get onto the green.

Hope and change is fool’s gold. Obama has changed our economy to counterfeit.

How does Bush look now? I hope we can change back to him. Or at least to a real American, like Romney.

David Lawrence

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