PALM BEACH, Fla. – As the Obama administration deals with its latest scandal of Secret Service agents accused of hiring prostitutes in Colombia, radio host Rush Limbaugh is jokingly offering praise for the one frugal agent who reportedly got into a dispute with a hooker over $47.

“I’m just glad to see there’s one person who’s still stingy with the taxpayers’ dollars, and I’m talking about that Secret Service guy who got in and out of there for 47 bucks,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “There’s a part of me that says, ‘More power to the guy!’ We are a country in debt. This is a guy that’s watching and counting his pennies.”

Limbaugh offered up plenty of sarcasm, tying in the so-called “war on women” to the prostitution scandal.

“What I want to know is: did those Colombian hookers have to pay for their own contraception or are they covered under Obama’s health-care plan as it extends to the Secret Service agents? That’s the question. … Who paid for the hookers’ contraception? … We do not know if they had to buy their own birth-control pills or other kinds of contraception. This we just do not know.”

He continued: “I’m sure this is not the first time a Secret Service agent has had a little in and out with a prostitute somewhere along the line. But this many of them getting caught over $47 in an argument in the hall over 47 bucks. And who knows? The argument might have been about contraception, given that it’s in the news. Who knows? But it’s a sad thing. More and more of the institutions that everybody really wants to have complete faith in and trust in seem to be as corrupted as anything in your local community has been.”

Limbaugh lamented the fallen standards in the U.S., recalling President Bill Clinton’s sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky, who was a 19-year-old White House intern in the late 1990s.

He says Secret Service agents today have grown up thinking there’s nothing wrong with such behavior.

“They come from a generation where hooking up with somebody you barely know is the order of the day,” Limbaugh said.

Meanwhile, President Obama said Sunday he’ll be “angry” if the reported allegations against the agents are indeed verified.

“We’re here on behalf of our people and that means that we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity. And obviously what’s been reported doesn’t match up with those standards,” Obama said on the final day of his visit to Colombia.

“These men and women perform extraordinary service on a day-to-day basis protecting me, my family, U.S. officials,” he added. “They do very hard work under very stressful circumstances and almost invariably do an outstanding job.”

Eleven agents accused of misconduct have been called off their assignment and placed on administrative leave.


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