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Salt, pets, septic tanks: Weirdest taxes in U.S.

(ABC NEWS) Strange, unlikely, surreal: Take the tax codes of the 50 states, apply a magnifying glass, and here and there, hiding amongst the small print, are specimens that would amaze P.T. Barnum:

A tax on fur, a tax on nudity; taxes on bagels (if sliced, but not if intact); on salt, pets, tattoos; on blueberries, on candy (if not containing flour), on illegal drugs, on sparklers, septic tanks and playing cards. Californians don’t pay tax on fresh fruit–unless, per chance, they buy their banana from a vending machine.

New tax marvels are being born daily. New York tax expert Barbara Weltman, publisher of “Big Ideas for Small Business,” points to one new one, imposed by Mississippi on salt produced from that state’s lands or waters (3 percent of the value produced).