“Whatever Rick Santorum hopes to achieve, the hard fact is that he is more than likely being set up so that his eventual endorsement of the chosen GOP nominee will perfume Mitt Romney or some other Declaration rejecting, crypto-socialist, elitist faction toy. Given his past penchant for such endorsements, we can be morally certain that he will not hesitate to do so again. Perhaps he will play Sarah Palin to Romney’s John McCain. If so, the ultimate result will be that those who support him are again played for fools.”

I wrote the above quoted passage in an article I posted at Loyal to Liberty Jan. 4 of this year. Now Santorum has withdrawn in circumstances that emphatically verify the suspicion that his candidacy was all along intended “to gain some credibility with the disaffected conservatives in the GOP’s grass-roots base, then lead them over to RINOs like … Mitt Romney. … If this is the objective … many of the anguished, deeply sincere people” who supported his efforts were “simply being set up for another episode of heartbreak and betrayal.”

In the speech announcing the suspension of his campaign Santorum told his supporters that “it really wasn’t my voice I was out communicating, it was your voice.” He acknowledged that “over and over again we were told forget it, you can’t win” and points out that “We were winning. We were winning in a very different way. We were touching hearts; we were raising issues that, well, frankly a lot of people didn’t want to have raised.” He says that in “miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any race that you will ever see for president.”

In light of this upbeat portrayal, Santorum’s withdrawal would appear to be the most improbable event of all. Shortly before he stopped campaigning, Santorum’s campaign staff offered solid evidence that the GOP presidential primary race was far closer than portrayed by the elitist media hacks. In only three of the most populous and delegate-rich states (Georgia, 76, Ohio, 66, and Illinois, 69) have GOP voters had their say. Romney won a convincing majority in only one of them. Of the four most delegate-rich states remaining (New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and California) one is Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania and another has one of the most solidly moral conservative GOP constituencies in the nation (Texas).

The facts and prospects suggest that Rick Santorum still had a chance to win the GOP nomination outright. They certainly suggest that he stood a good chance of winning enough delegates to deny Romney an outright win, an outcome that would have given Santorum’s moral conservative constituency some heavyweight influence at the GOP convention.

In light of this distinct possibility, Santorum’s withdrawal does a serious disservice to the people whose heartfelt efforts produced “miracle after miracle” in his campaign. Santorum also described the victory that made him a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania as a miracle. It’s hard to avoid the thought that Santorum’s withdrawal now betrays the efforts of his national supporters even as his endorsement of Arlen Specter betrayed the hearts of the Pennsylvanians God used to achieve his U.S. Senate win. Santorum speaks with apparent feeling about representing the voice of his supporters. But if he is sincere, why has he deprived the supporters who speak with that voice in major states like Texas and California (not to mention his home state of Pennsylvania) of the choice that represents it?

Though bad for the people he claims to represent, Santorum’s withdrawal exactly serves the purposes of the GOP elites he has dutifully served in the past. The GOP’s RINO, crypto-socialist elites can now proceed with the coronation of their pre-selected champion. The way is clear for them to use the prospect of Mitt Romney’s inevitable triumph to discourage the voters who reject his socialist, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage agenda from further participation in the GOP primary process. Meanwhile, Santorum waits in the wings for the moment when he may be called back to the stage to act the part of Judas-goat, playing “Sarah Palin to Romney’s John McCain.”

Sadly I predicted and fully expected what Rick Santorum has done. But when I think of the people who go on buying into the elite manipulated sham he dutifully represents, I cannot tell which is the greater shame – his betrayal of them, or their repeated betrayal of the things they profess to believe. Why do they keep casting before swine the lustrous miracle God works within their hearts? Why do they keep bestowing it upon people who consistently betray God’s work time and time and time again? I know they fear defeat and greater suffering. Yet I also know that many of them profess faith that leads them to look to God for hope. But as the Apostle said, “We rejoice in our suffering, knowing that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope. …” (Romans 5:3-4)

Those who live in true hope do not fear the narrow path strewn with seemingly impossible obstacles. They see it as the way to miracles beyond the treacherous calculations of ambition. Along this path Americans first found their nation’s liberty. It remains the only way by which to preserve and perpetuate it.

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