A vote for Romney because Obama signed the NDAA into law? [“Nat Hentoff: I’ll vote for Romney …”]

Question: How do we stop one man from robbing us of our precious freedoms and spending our Nation into oblivion?

Answer: Don’t help him do it.

In the House, 190 Republicans voted “yea” on the NDAA. This includes Allen West, whom I mention because many are floating his name to be Romney’s running mate.

Forty-four Republicans in the Senate voted yea while only three Republican senators voted no. Many are floating Marco Rubio’s name for Romney’s running mate. He, too, voted yea!

Saying “I’ll vote for Romney” because of Obama’s NDAA seems moronic to me. Here’s what Romney thinks.

Everyone seems so obsessed with just simply winning. How’s that working out for Charlie Sheen? Seriously, do we really think that handing over control of the House, Senate and White House to a bunch of “Yea” voters is going to save our republic?

Raymond Makuch

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