I am in a quandary. I loathe (to put it mildly for polite company and civil discourse) Obama. As a strict believer in the U.S. Constitution, I am certain that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

Recently, Romney has been “palling around” with Marco Rubio. Now I have nothing against Rubio; in fact, I rather like him. However, Rubio fails the same test Obama fails – Rubio is not a natural born citizen because neither of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth.

Here is the quandary. I cannot sacrifice my principles to vote for Romney if Rubio is his choice for vice president. I cannot abandon my principles. By the same token, I cannot abide by the possibility of the re-election of Obama.

But, let me re-emphasize the point, I cannot abandon my principles, for I don’t believe that the ends justify the means.

Perhaps if the news media (and I mean WND) were to begin publicizing this issue (yes, I know that you do it faithfully and regularly with respect to Obama) with respect to Rubio, you might bring about a change in direction for the Romney campaign.

I must confess that should Obama win a second term, I will seriously consider abandoning my country for another. Yet, I cannot vote for Romney if he joins with Rubio on the ticket.

With warm regards and huge trepidation I am

Mark S. Roth

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