Is it not obvious by now that Congress is more than happy to go along with the Constitution-hating treason-monger in the White House with not so much as a whimper about eligibility? It was Congress who allowed him there in the last election and Congress who oversaw his swearing into office. Congress could have stopped the process anytime they wanted, declaring a fraudulent election, but that was not in the best interest of the secret agenda they continue to follow.

Are we to believe Congress didn’t know he was a fraud when he took office? Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me Congress was in the dark about all his issues – the myriad of laws he has broken and even deaths surrounding his climb to the top of the political agenda.

We have a former president who was once head of the CIA. Am I to believe he is not privilege to all the clandestine info about Obama?

Certainly Obama is exactly where the controlling factions behind the scenes want him. Whether or not those factions are part of Congress means little; but in all probability they not only control Obama and the Bush family but also Congress as well.

The American people are kept in the dark about who really runs our country, and one thing is for certain: It is not in the best interests of, by or for the American people.


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