Most political pundits assume former Virginia governors Tim Kaine and George Allen will meet in the race for Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat. But this weekend brings the first in a series of debates among the four Republican candidates – Allen, Jamie Radtke, Delegate Bob Marshall and E.W. Jackson.

Jackson tells us that he plans to convey the same message that is winning him support across the state – that he is the best choice to protect the Constitution and preserve a system of government that recognizes that rights come from God and not the state.

“Our fiscal and economic problems are symptoms of a deeper problem and that’s a disregard of our Constitution, disregard of our Judeo-Christian values and a disregard of the ideal that our rights do not come from government … our rights come from our Creator,” Jackson told WND.

Jackson also explains why it’s not a good idea to return Allen to the Senate.

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