Why do you keep harping on the issue of invasive TSA screening? [“Court: TSA, not passengers, deserves privacy”]

I am very concerned about government violation of the civil liberties of Americans. However, I have to draw the line when it comes to airline security. America is under siege, and our enemies will stop at nothing to destroy us. Blowing up or hijacking airliners is one of the best ways our enemies have to attack us, and they have done it or attempted it many times in the past. The risk of attack is exceptionally severe, and everyone, including WND, knows it.

There have been reports of Muslim plastic surgeons implanting breast implants that contain explosives, rather than water or silicon, into female suicide bombers. The obvious intent is that these female terrorists will be able to pass through TSA security because misguided organizations, such as WND, will have forced TSA to stop searching for and identifying persons who have explosives surgically implanted into their body.

What in the world are you thinking? Do you want thousands of persons to be killed? Do you want terrorists to be able to force every plane in the USA to stop flying, forever, because it is impossible to protect them from destruction?

The Muslim threat against civil aviation is exceptionally severe. Thousands of Russian-made handheld surface-to-air missiles were stolen by Muslim’s from Libyan warehouses when Gadhafi was overthrown. It is virtually guaranteed that some of these SAMs will find their way into terrorist hands and be used to destroy civilian airliners.

We know as fact that dozens of attempts to blow up airliners using suicide bombers or mailed packages containing bombs are thwarted each year. It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine that there are dozens of other attempts that are not reported in the press due to security/intelligence concerns.

Civil aviation is absolutely critical to operation of our industrial society. There is a very high risk that Muslim terrorists could destroy many airliners and make it so risky to fly that most air traffic would have to stop, and we would have to go back to traveling by train and ship. The cost to Western society would be measured in the many trillions of dollars and thousands of deaths.

Given this stark security situation, it is beyond belief that people complain as they do about “strip searches” and groping. Personally, I don’t like being groped or irradiated or physically patted down. However, I dislike being blown into small bits in midair even more. I dislike having to sit on an airplane for hours wondering if the next second will be my last second of life. I dislike the idea that the U.S. and world economy could be forced into a permanent depression that would destroy my quality of life as a result of destruction of worldwide civil aviation.

These are the realities with which we live. We either need to put up with invasive TSA strip searches or attack the problem at its source (the Muslim countries that provide haven to these terrorists).

Richard F.

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