Pat, you are wrong to say the “Stand your ground” law is wrong.

With this unruly government of ours, and not knowing what Obama is going to do to us in the future, it’s no wonder Americans are arming themselves. Obama is the best gun salesman, according to all the gun manufacturers. Don’t you think that the arming of Americans tells you that they are scared, or uncertain of what will happen to us?

Obama obviously is not going to be impeached or prohibited from seeking re-election in all these so-called United States.

I have armed myself, and my family is going through gun-training classes. I am a vet. I know firearms very well, thanks to our government. Why is Obama forming his own army/militia? What is he up to?

I don’t think that we should continue on with Congress having two parties. Maybe with only one, they will be able to better apply themselves to the job at hand.

My wife and I will do our part to get our government better organized. We will vote all incumbents out of office, and I hope that most citizens will do the same. We’ve got to take back our government and go back to abiding by our greatest asset, the Constitution.


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