At the same time that the White House is hosting a forum to congratulate itself on its work for women’s causes, one group of ladies has organized a video campaign to expose the administration’s “political manipulation” and “pandering,” arguing that the real “war on women” isn’t coming from the right.

Business and education leaders, as well as activists and cabinet secretaries are gathering today for White House Council on Women and Girls, a day of speeches and panel discussions culminating in a 55-page report detailing all the ways the Obama administration has implemented policies it says benefit women.

But an organization called Smart Girl Politics Action says the White House is only “distracting” women voters with baubles like affordable college education and the recent, controversial coverage of contraceptives.

“Women are smart enough to know that we have bigger issues in this country than paying for our birth control,” said Stacy Mott, founder and president of SGPA, in a statement accompanying release of the video. “Women, especially moms, are feeling the effects of this economy and rising gas and food prices every day.”

“Women are tired of the political manipulation of this White House. We know when we are being pandered and played to, and we will no longer allow this discussion to focus on the concerns of a small segment of the women in this country,” added the group’s co-founder, Teri Christoph. “Women are far more concerned with the lack of action from this administration and a do-nothing Congress when it comes to jobs, rising energy prices and our national security.”

The video, titled “They Don’t Speak for Us,” which can be seen above, contends leftists in the media, Congress and White House have been pushing through a political agenda by manipulating women into thinking “progressive” issues are women’s issues.

“They try to scare us into agreeing,” the video states. “They patronize us and say we don’t get it. They go on television and claim to speak for us. They want to distract us. They speak about a war on women. They speak about rights. But they don’t speak for us.”

“They won’t speak about the $15 trillion dollar debt. They don’t want to speak about drilling to lower gas prices. As government grows out of control and 14 million remain unemployed, who speaks for you?”

Founded in 2008 by Mott and Christoph, two stay-at-home moms, SGPA is a 501(c)4, non-profit organization focused on bringing more conservative women into the political process.

The organization’s website asserts it is a grassroots community of over 45,000 conservative women from all 50 states who believe in “free markets, personal responsibility and limited government.”

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