I have purposely avoided writing about the Trayvon Martin case, for two reasons. First, because, as tragic as the death of a teenager is, it’s not a national news story. It was manufactured into such by the same old race baiters who make a living by stirring up racial hatred.

When I say race baiters, I’m talking about those who relentlessly work at keeping alive the racial divisions created by Democrats and their Jim Crow laws of yesteryear. It starts at the top with the racist-in-chief and goes all the way to the bottom – and I do mean bottom – to intellectual dwarf Al Sharpton.

By contrast, Trayvon Martin’s parents have conducted themselves with the utmost dignity. I don’t know if I could remain as evenhanded as they’ve been if I were in their shoes. They do their son great honor with their poise and appeal to calm and justice during their time of grief.

The second reason I have avoided writing about the Trayvon Martin case is that it has been covered in minute detail in the news, including and especially on the Internet. It seemed to me that there wasn’t much that anyone could add to the story until all the facts come out in the upcoming trial.

However, after watching Harvard law professor and far-left ideologue Alan Dershowitz opine on the Trayvon Martin case on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” I felt compelled to speak out. Not because I disagree with Dershowitz, but, on the contrary, because he expressed many of my own views on the subject so clearly.

Dershowitz believes that the charges against George Zimmerman are “so thin” that the affidavit filed against him doesn’t even clear the low bar of “probable cause.” In fact, he believes that “a good judge will throw it out.”

According to Dershowitz, there is nothing in the affidavit that would justify second-degree murder. The special prosecutor, Angela Corey, who seemed to be giving a campaign speech when she announced charges against George Zimmerman, conveniently omitted such items as grass stains on the back of his shirt and bruises on his head.

Shades of District Attorney Michael Nifong withholding evidence in the Duke rape case. When will prosecutors learn that you can’t do stuff like this and get away with it? Answer: Never. Most prosecutors are political animals who love the big stage. It’s hardly surprising to discover that Angela Corey is running for re-election for Florida state attorney.

Dershowitz called Corey’s actions irresponsible and unethical, and contends that she “way overcharged” Zimmerman. He further predicted that even if the case goes to trial, unless some major new evidence comes out, Zimmerman would be acquitted.

Even if Zimmerman provoked the confrontation (something that is almost impossible to prove), he still has a legal right to self-defense if the person he provoked attacked him, which, at least from what we’ve learned to date, appears to be the case.

So, in theory, even if Zimmerman confronted Martin (and there’s no evidence thus far that he did), and even if he called him the most vile names imaginable (again, no evidence that he did), he still had a right to shoot the unarmed teenager if he was physically attacked by him.

Since the initial eyewitness stated that he saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman, beating him, a variety of other people claiming to have been eyewitnesses have come out of the woodwork with conflicting stories. So the wild card in this case is how many people are going to claim to be eyewitnesses, what they will say and how credible they will be.

Where I’m not so sure Dershowitz is right is in his belief that the case will be thrown out. Regardless of any lack of evidence, the judge will be under tremendous pressure at least to allow the case to go forward. Our courts are more a search for political correctness than a search for truth, and many a judge has ignored the law and instead opted for approval of the masses.

And if the case does move forward, we are likely to find ourselves with another O.J. situation, but in reverse. O.J. was a black suspect, while Trayvon Martin was a black victim. If a majority of the jurors are black, it could conceivably be another jury nullification outcome, which is what happened when the O.J. jury ignored the mountain of evidence against him and thus set a ruthless killer free.

I am in no way implying that every black person has the lynch-mob mindset of the New Black Panthers. But you can be sure that the prosecutor in this case will do everything in her power to get as many Sharpton think-alikes as possible placed on the jury.

And if there are only two or three white people on the jury, you can end up with the same kind of intimidating situation as in the O.J. case. Where does a single dissenting white juror go for protection when the trial is over? It’s an ugly reality of our court system that few people want to talk about.

Finally, if Zimmerman is acquitted, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who doesn’t seem to be phased by the fact that the New Black Panthers have placed a bounty on his head, will most surely bring some kind of federal civil-rights charges against him.

This whole situation is very sad. A teenager is dead, and a young man who was trying to do his job as a neighborhood watch volunteer could go to prison for years. And, in the meantime, the merchants of racial hatred are still running wild.

I doubt that George Zimmerman belongs in jail. But people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and members of the New Black Panthers do.

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