Common sense alone is all that is needed to know that voter fraud or martial law are the only two options Obama has of making sure he is not voted out of office in the upcoming election.

His track record as our president has been a dismal one. He has been called the worst president in the history of America by those that have made a living at examining the achievements of presidents in office. Obama and his Marxist cronies know that many voters are fed up with what he and his czars have done to bring our nation to the point of a total financial collapse and are ready to vote him out of office by the droves!

I am of the opinion that Obama is determined to remain in office to continue transforming our nation into a Marxist government, and he will use whatever option above will guarantee that he stay in power to continue ruling as a dictator instead of president.

The question is, will our sovereign God continue to use Obama as an instrument in His hands to continue chastising and punishing us for our refusal to repent of our rebellion against God’s precepts by allowing Obama to use martial law or voter fraud to remain in office? Our God is sovereign, and soon we will know what God’s decision is going to be. God is concerned about the righteousness and morality of the nation and not its economic strengths.

L. Fields

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