I am not a socialist or a conservative Democrat. I am an independent, a conservative Christian, and I can say with certainty that the ideal of Republicanism is simply a dream. The reality is a tight-knit cadre of upper-crust industrialist who have favored National Socialism since the 1920s. Their efficient psychological playbook encourages bringing the voting masses along by use of heroes and patriotic demonstrations, while touting the security of the nation, productivity and individual responsibility. They loved, and still love, Hitler – the Bushes included, starting with old man Prescott. They are oligarchical and deem the rabble to be in need of direction and discipline, but feign responsibility when it’s their turn.

The Marxist be damned, but at least he is open about his hostility to God and his predilection toward all things earthly.

As long as the Republican elite work their systematic Theosophical Masonry upon this nation there can be no peace or prosperity. There will be war – civil war and a breakup of the union, or a U.S. gulag just like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn predicted.

America doesn’t need whites to claim their heritage, or the industrial Republicans to bring us to greatness – it needs its past moral anchor and a turn toward Jesus Christ.

Frank J. Verderber

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