Even Barack Obama decked out as a 1776 Minuteman in a 1997 parade understood that symbols recalling a revolt against tyranny and the striving for liberty resonate.

WND excepted, there’s a lot of talk about jobs and the economy these days, but not enough about freedom. But what’s the good of a job in an America ruled as a dictatorship? Millions of Americans are distraught and frightened as their freedoms vanish one by one under Obama, who clearly views the presidency as a stepping stone to a tyrant’s throne.

To triumph, Republicans therefore need a sharpened dual focus on freedom and jobs. That means the GOP should throw overboard the enemies of liberty in their ranks and commit themselves to a solid platform of renaissance in America: freedom and jobs. If they backed those words up with sweeping proposals that generate as much freedom as jobs, they’d consign the liberal Democratic Party to the ashcan of history.

B. Harris

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