Two weeks after landing the cover of the Jerusalem Post’s weekend magazine, WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein has been profiled in a full-page spread in Israel’s Maariv daily, an article that was referenced on the newspaper’s front page.

Maariv, published in Hebrew, is the second-largest newspaper in Israel.

“Good Morning America From Tel Aviv,” was the title of the piece, which profiled Klein’s work for WND as well as his show on New York’s WABC Radio.

“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast live from the beaches of Tel Aviv, last month made the radio industry’s highly coveted Talkers Magazine “Heavy Hundred,” one of only two all-weekend shows in America to make the annual list.

Here are snippets of the Maariv profile, translated from Hebrew:

“Aaron Klein is a Jewish American journalist … who broadcasts a weekly radio program on WABC, the most popular talk station in the U.S. The story may seem mundane but for the fact that he’s making waves in American from Tel Aviv.

“The distance does not matter. [Klein] arrived in Israel as a Middle East reporter for WND. He runs around Israel and transmits reports to the outlet’s website. Klein is an occasional commentator on Israeli affairs on the Fox News Channel, where he has explained the complex Israeli reality.

“‘During each of my shows I specifically mention that I’m broadcasting live from Tel Aviv,’ boasts Klein. ‘I feel that my being 5,000 miles from America provides me with a much better perspective of the U.S. political situation. I’m here and I can analyze what is happening from afar. There is much value in having the proper distance.'”

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