If I told you that a United Nations plan to influence and change every aspect of our lives was being implemented at this very moment, in every state in this country, you’d probably think I’d been sipping too much Napa Valley vino.

No, I haven’t. But as I contemplate what’s going on and what’s in store for us, it is enough to drive me – or anyone – to drink.

There was a meeting last week in the San Francisco area aimed at finalizing a comprehensive land-use, transportation, business and residential development plan for nine counties in the Bay Area, which will obligate every town and city in those counties for the next 30 years.

Any community that objects and refuses any of the requirements will lose state and federal transportation money – estimated at some $277 billion projected just for this area.

See – every “gift” dollar has a long string – some to the state capital, many right to Washington.

Don’t even ask where that money comes from. How about the taxpayers?

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments unanimously approved the plan. Every member of those organizations is a political appointment – unelected – yet they’re making regulations for every single person in their jurisdiction. Their ultimate goal is regional government, overriding local control.

The essence of the plan is to force housing, business and job growth along transportation corridors.

Critics call it “stack and pack” development: retail at street level, housing on upper levels within walking distance of buses or trains.

It’s called “infill” development. If they accomplish that, they’ll also accomplish another of the goals: to get us out of our cars and into mass transit and to get us out of the suburbs and into town and cities. It’s all part of what’s called “sustainable development.”

If you have any doubts about the goal of controlling where people live, consider that projections are for an additional 2.1 million people in the area over the next decades. The plan will direct most of them to live near transportation corridors.

Gee – I wonder how they’ll do that.

Keep in mind that all of this is being done to reduce greenhouse gasses and to preserve open space. Whether those “greenhouse gasses” are really dangerous and how and why unelected commissions can control how private property is “preserved” for open space raises serious constitutional questions.

If you think this is just the loopy Bay Area, forget it. It’s statewide, affecting every single municipality in California.

If you think this is just California, forget that, too. It’s happening in every single state in the country. Pay attention to your local news and you’ll see it – all presented under the rubric of “saving the planet.”

So while we argue about gay rights or the right to be fat – or not – the big hand of government is taking actual control of every aspect of our lives – take a deep breath now – emphasizing controls on how we live, where we live, where we work, how and where we travel and recreate, what kind of land we can own and what we can do with it, what our cities and towns can do with the property within their borders, what kinds of industry will be allowed and what kind of restrictions are placed on production, what kind of vehicles we drive, trucks are used, what kind of buildings are built and what kind of appliances and light bulbs we use.

Include in all that, “educating” children and adults to accept all the rules and guidelines because we’re told it’s a “strategy to save our planet.”

So if you thought it was bad enough that the food police are forbidding certain foods, eliminating seasonings and controlling desserts and that the tobacco Gestapo is destroying personal and property rights with restrictions on where people can smoke while at the same time politicians allow the product to be sold legally yet take every opportunity to tax it to death with the goal making people give up the weed but promising to use the collected tax for educating kids about the health dangers of smoking – if all that isn’t bad enough, you can’t imagine what your life will be like when these control mavens succeed with their goals to control your daily lives.

All of this stems from Agenda 21, an agreement signed during the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 that outlines controls and changes for virtually every human activity on earth. More on that next time.

What we’ve seen in terms of air pollution, industrial, automotive, residential and other regulations are just the beginning. The heavyweights are moving in now for the kill, hiding under the green umbrella that too many people have been brainwashed to accept.

Judging by the fact that so few people are aware of what’s going on right under their noses, the controllers may well succeed. By the time average Americans realize what’s going on, it may well be too late.

Then again, it may well start a revolution of a magnitude we’ve never seen.

Frankly, I hope so.

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