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Big Brother in your backyard, Part 2

Some people are pitiful in their arrogance about what they know – or what they think they know.

I got a number of examples as a result of Part 1 of this topic last week in WND.

Generally, the theme runs – of course, we’re not part of a U.N. plan.

Of course, it’s just a one-world government conspiracy.

Of course, everything is fine, and people who talk about such issues are kooks and scaremongers.

The only of course that applies here is that those people are narrow-minded, ill informed and socialist, if not Marxist, in their social policies and politics.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

If the impact of Agenda 21, which was voted on in 1992 during the first United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, slipped past you, the fact is: People worldwide have been affected by it ever since.

Look around and deny that “something” has been going on during the ensuing 20 years.

If you don’t see it, you are blind, and bull-headed at that!

Where do you think the massive push to “save the earth” came from? How about recycling? What about climate change, global warming, “poisonous” carbon dioxide?

Where do you think all the laws and regulations concerning our lives originated? They affect what products we use and how they’re modified even though the result is less effective. Ever wonder why your new cleaning products don’t clean and your pesticides don’t kill?

How about what vehicles we drive and what fuels are available and why the prices are so high?

Ever wonder why appliances, like top-loading washing machines, for example, are impossible to find and why others have been outlawed – i.e. regular flow faucets and old-fashioned toilets.

Did you know that a plumber who installs an old-fashioned toilet, could lose his license and be fined? Did you know there’s a black-market in those old-timer but very efficient toilets?

There is, and the reason is that the new, required low flow units just don’t work. Special pumps had to be devised to push the flush, which still doesn’t work well but they sure cost a pretty penny!

What used to be a one-flush job now is two or three. Despite that, the bureaucracy keeps lowering the amount of water allowed for each flush. Now, it’s down to 1.2 gallons each time.

Are you aware of the ongoing planning by unelected bureaucracies in cities and towns nationwide, which are establishing “sustainable” land use and regional growth plans for everyone?

If you depend on radio or TV news (or even newspapers) for information about all this, forget it. Media ignore such goings on because generally, newsroom liberals agree with the changes being foisted on an unwitting public.

We have to save the planet, after all.

These rules and regulations have built into them where housing will be permitted, what kind of housing and even what construction materials will be allowed, regardless of cost. The will regulate where you can drive, shop and travel. They demand more “open space” and less suburbia – that means fewer one-family homes with lawns and yards.

They determine what your city will look like and how it must be focused on transit centers with housing around them which will, if the planners have their way, get us out of our cars and trucks and into mass transit, onto bicycles or just walking.

The ultimate goal is reduction of fossil fuel use.

Why do you think there’s such a push for high-speed rail even though it’s too expensive, inefficient and destructive of productive land? A main aspect, not publically emphasized, is that it can be used to move freight.

The goal is to get trucks off the road, but it doesn’t answer how to move freight from the train station to individual customers.

Somehow, I don’t think bicycles will work.

In California, two laws force residents into the environmental trap: the Global Warming Solutions Act and the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act. Those two massively encompassing state laws cover just about every human activity in the state and use the lure (and trap) of state and federal money to force community compliance.

Gutless local politicians fall into line.

In California, want to make changes to your home? You need permission and, if the bureaucracy agrees, you can, for a permit price.

Did you know there’s a growing trend to forbid the sale of any home unless it’s first been brought up to the latest guideline for a “green” house. The seller has to pay for it – no “as is” sales. If that makes the sale price too high for buyers, the green government Gestapo doesn’t care.

Want to do something with your own land? You need permission, for a price if they allow it. Did you know you can’t allow rainwater to run from your roof or driveway into the street? You have to have a cistern to collect it. Did you know that in some places you can’t cut your own trees or use certain plants?

Whether your local government calls it “sustainable development,” “visioning,” or as they do in Northern California, “One Bay Area” – the goal is to follow the outline of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and control our lives.

Head’s up! “Rio+20” is meeting in June, the second U.N. Earth Summit. More to come!

If you believe in prayer, pray! We need it!

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