In response to the feds destroyed evidence on Obama’s draft registration:

If Obama is just a cheap crook who illegally assumed the presidency, why do I and 315 million other Americans have to obey any bill or executive order that faker signed into law? I recently paid tens of thouands of dollars in taxes to Obama’s Department of Treasury. When Americans obey the demands of Obama’s fraudulent branch of government, are they fostering illegal acts? I’d like to know the legal answers to these questions!

Obama knows he is ineligible to be president. Otherwise,. he would never go to these lengths to conceal his true background:

Forged copy of birth certificate and forged Selective Service registration card. INS records of foreign flights into Hawaii in 1961 missing for week of Obama’s birth. Obama using Social Security number referring to person born in 1890 and issued in Connecticut where Obama never lived or worked. Obama paid lawyers millions to get court-ordered seal of numerous background records like his passport and records of his baptism, schools, universities, thesis, law work, state senate details etc. Then, after Arpaio starts the investigation, the feds suddenly rewrite rules to allow discretion in destruction of Select Service records! Oh, yeah, that Obama, he’s not hiding anything.


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