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Bless me Father, for I have sinned

The Catholic Church is so lucky to have “members” like these.

House Minority Leader and outspoken Catholic Nancy Pelosi supports abortion rights, the feds requiring Catholic institutions to provide birth control and abortion access to students and employees. And she approves of gay marriage.

As she explained at her weekly news conference: “My religion has, compels me, and I love it for it, to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this (opposition to gay marriage) a form of discrimination.”

Vice President Joe Biden, another self-described “devout Catholic,” expresses his support of gay marriage. He told “Meet the Press” that marriage is about loyalty, and “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying … are entitled to the same exact rights. …”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, also on the devout Catholic bandwagon in Washington, is behind the advancement of the HHS mandate requiring Catholic organizations to act against their faith and provide birth control and abortion to students and employees.

That controversy emanated from the Georgetown University campus and now, despite that, the school invited her to speak at a graduation awards event.

This is the same woman who, while governor of Kansas, was an outspoken supporter of abortion, including late-term abortion and of the late-term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller.

Her in-your-face opposition to religious teaching while claiming to be faithful, led to the Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann saying she should not receive communion until she renounced her position.

She never did.

And these are just the Catholics in the news last week!

Don’t you wish you were a fly on the wall of the confessional when “good” Catholics like Biden, Sibelius, Pelosi and other high-profile politicians are there confessing their sins?

I know, it’s private, but I’d love to hear their litany of transgressions – assuming, of course, they ever bother to go to confession.

But assuming they do, wouldn’t you love to hear what they did that bothers their conscience enough to get them in the confessional, to receive absolution so they can receive communion with what might loosely be called a clear conscience?

I would, but then again, given what they do and say in public about Catholic issues, perhaps they have nothing to confess.

With the things the way they are in the church these days, a lot of Catholics decide for themselves what constitutes sin. Since liberal Catholics hate to admit wrongdoing, the confessional is a lonely place these days for priests.

One thing I’d almost bet the ranch on is, if and when Nancy or Joe or Kathleen show up for confession, they don’t discuss their daily decisions as to what they consider sinful.

The priest isn’t a mind reader. He trusts that the person confessing is being honest about what they did or didn’t do and how it might be considered sinful.

Therein lies the core of the problem for Catholics, especially those in political life.

What happens when what they do and say politically is in direct contradiction to Catholic teaching, yet they do it and all along claim to be good Catholics. They flaunt that and often go to communion to show the public what good Catholics they are.

It also helps when reporters and cameras are present.

God has become a chit in the game of politics.

Traditionally, it was considered sinful for Catholics to “give scandal” to the church. That’s what those politicians are doing. But since Vatican Two, that’s gone out the window along with a lot of what was once considered sinful and/or appropriate for Catholics.

Apparently, many priests and bishops go along with that mentality and encourage that line of thinking among the young people growing up in the church and those converting.

Vatican Two was supposed to simplify and clarify and, to put it in the vernacular, make Catholicism more “user-friendly.”

Well it did – so “user-friendly” in fact, that it resulted in generations of so-called cafeteria Catholics, people who decide for themselves which rules to follow and which not, what is sinful or isn’t, how to regard their religion and how not.

Catholic dogma hasn’t changed, but the attitude of priests, bishops and archbishops has, as younger men, products of post Vatican Two, came into authority. This is especially true in the United States and is complicated by the intrusion of the federal government.

It’s amazing how people, even those of the cloth, will compromise when close to political power and glitz.

It’s hard to say why other prelates don’t speak out about such politicians – there are others, among them the Kennedys, Giuliani, Kerry, Cuomo, Davis.

Some concern may have been expressed, but there’s been a lack of moral courage to speak out strongly supporting the teachings of the very church they represent.

It hasn’t been a moment of pride for the church, and the latest actions of Georgetown only exacerbate the problem.

A Jesuit institution. How sad.

It’s the very place that caved into the demands of Barack Obama that the university remove all Christian symbols when he gave a speech there. He didn’t want anything religious to show on camera.

It illustrates Georgetown’s attitude. It will do anything to keep the politicians close – whether it’s accommodating Obama or ignoring Sebelius and her extreme abortion support.

I’m waiting for Georgetown, and schools like it, to drop the Catholic affiliation and be open an above board as to what they are.

I’m also waiting for Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius and all the other faux Catholics to drop the façade and be the open libs they really are.

They give good Catholics a bad name.

I’m waiting – but I’m not holding my breath.

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