You really don’t understand history do you. [“Marxism, American-style”]

If you looked at the real history of Marxism, you could see that the GOP is actually following the line of how Marxism was created. In fact, it is really more along the lines of the Nazis.

I used to think this website had some honest value. Now, I just don’t believe it.

The cutting back on voters being allowed to vote – when they really are – is just an example of how the Nazis and Marxists got started. Why don’t you people really read up on history.

It’s interesting to read the dribble and PROPAGANDA you people put out. It really is beginning to follow the Nazi pattern. I take that back, it is already the Nazi methods.

I’m 66, a Vietnam vet, and I’ve been a Republican registered voter all my life. But this is getting to be absurd.

Scott Stocker

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