When I was a teenager I read Revelation, always looking for the part where America would sweep in “from the west” and come to the rescue of Israel. It doesn’t happen. Right now we are living out the reason for our absence from the final days: broke, no longer a superpower, no longer Israel’s friend. We are seeing God Himself remove us as a player from the world stage.

Mr. Soetoro and his puppet masters think they are in control, but they themselves are the real puppets, as God uses their greed and hunger for power to prepare the world for His ending. As a nation we must become irrelevant to the global happenings so that God can take center stage. It’s painful, and in all my years I never thought it was possible that it could happen in my lifetime, but it is. We have fallen so far and so fast in the last 30 years … even the last 10, and it’s accelerating.

If prophecy is true, and I believe that it is, then how can I fight the hand of God? I will remain educated, talk to friends and coworkers about the issues, and vote and contact my representatives – but I have to confess there is a certain air of fatalism to it all for me.

David VanGelder

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