I read Joseph Farah’s recent column with some interest after hearing some of emerging details regarding the apparent listing of President Obama having been born in Kenya in promotions by his literary agents [“Breakthrough on eligibility story”].

Even Andrew Breitbart apparently did not want to go there, as fearless as he presented himself to be in the face of unrelenting liberal venom. He is not alone as a lot of leading “conservatives” do not want to touch what is sneeringly called the “birther” skepticism about just where Barack Obama may have been born. It appears the sneers and jeers from the liberal left may have had their intended impact. All too often, from Rev. Wright to Bill Ayers to college transcripts and that rather questionable birth certificate debacle, conservatives have been objects of ridicule if we dare to go there, as if the idea of ever questioning anything about President Obama were unimaginably ludicrous and hateful. The mere mention of concerns about Obama or the digging into the all too often murky past of a man who leads our nation and will impact generations to come is grounds for isolation, marginalization and scoffs of disbelief, if not worse. Cries of racism are thrown in for good measure just to be sure we are warned off from the thought of demanding answers to hard but legitimate questions.

And we all know many will do just about anything to avoid the “r” word, especially if you are in the public eye, even if everyone knows it has absolutely no basis in fact. We know what the Carneys, the Axelrods, the Rosens and Jarretts (to name a few) are up to, and yet we all too often let them cow us, shame and intimidate us into silence, where we are more than ready at times to condemn our own side (or super PACs) for even thinking of asking those difficult, deliberately unpopular questions. In doing so we are moral cowards and traitors to our country, to our children and to ourselves!

Where are the men and women of yesterday who are not caught up in the pit of political correctness and self-interest? We need them now more than ever.


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