Congratulations Joseph Farah and staff for being the top publisher of “top-selling” books in our nation. God always blesses those who stand for truth, no matter how many stones are thrown by evil and corrupt men and women at any that proclaim uncompromising truth without fear of what those that hate truth will try and do to stop the truth from being proclaimed.

I have pretty much stopped listening to everyone but WND when it comes to getting at the truth about the ones that are turning our nation into a godless, sexually perverted, Marxist land. Unfortunately, many on both sides of the political aisle have done nothing or very little to actually stop the moral corruption, the financial ruin and the continued decline of what use to be the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Apathy, self-centeredness and a determination to do our own wills instead of God’s has invited the chastisement and judgment of a holy and just God to fall on America.

We are at a dangerous crossroads. Is God trying to tell us that it is repent or perish time in America? All His signs sure seem to be saying that. Will we listen, or go on a merry way doing our own wills instead of God’s? It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God, and God is certainly angry with America right now.

L. Fields

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