Vice President Joe Biden has traveled around Ohio touting what he claims is a successful reversal of the economy thanks to Obama administration policies.

But Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, says Biden is badly separated from reality. Johnson says job growth has occurred in his district in southern and southeastern Ohio. However, he contends the jobs are coming from private investment in private projects on private land and that the uptick is coming in spite of crippling new regulations from the Obama administration.

“Any uptick in the creation of jobs is coming, not because of the president’s policies but in spite of the president’s policies,” Johnson told WND.

In particular, Johnson says he is fighting feverishly to block a pending Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule that would close the last two steel plants in the U.S. that incorporate manganese into production.

“We got thousands of steel workers who are ready to go back to work … we’re going to have to go get that material from competitors like China,” said Johnson.

The congressman is also furious at Obama and the EPA for already implementing new “clean air” rules that could spell death for many coal-fired power plants. Johnson says well over 50 percent of Ohio’s power comes from coal and losing multiple plants would not only mean job losses but higher energy rates.

Finally, Johnson explains why he’s confident Mitt Romney would pursue policies friendly to his district and the businesses inside it.

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