One of the most competitive open U.S. Senate races in the nation this year promises to be in New Mexico.

Democrat Sen. Jeff Bingaman is retiring after 30 years and Republicans see a chance to gain the seat after strong performances in the state in 2010.
Heading into the June 5 primary, former Rep. Heather Wilson is considered the favorite to be the GOP nominee, but conservative challenger Greg Sowards believes he’s poised for a come-from-behind victory in less than three weeks.

Sowards explains the five questions he would ask before backing any legislation – ranging from impact on the family to whether it adds or subtracts rights to whether it’s constitutional. He also tells us why a bill that is 90 percent good and 10 percent bad is not good enough.

Sowards explains how his small business background gives him a good idea of what Congress can do to create a better economic climate.

And he explains why he believes Rep. Wilson is a RINO (Republican In Name Only), and insists his votes would be based on devotion to principle and not to his party.

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