Have you noticed the difference?

I know I have.

Mainly I think of it when I take the dog to the park. Several years ago, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in our small town erected a monument to prisoners of war (POW) and those missing in action (MIA). This display was added to the existing monument honoring the men who had given their lives in our nation’s wars.

My reaction for many of those visits, as I gazed up at the black POW/MIA flag flying across from the Red, White and Blue, was one of sorrow. “What a wretched way to end one’s life,” I thought, “and for a nation that has come to this.”

By “this” I mean a government of corrupt thieves who inhabit Washington, D.C., and who by their every action denigrate the freedom these men rotted in POW camps to protect. While good men across America answered the call and ultimately gave their lives, the establishment from both parties continues in its tradition of bleeding the nation financially, racking up debts that only the ill-numerate could possibly believe will ever be repaid.

Lately, however, my attitude has changed. I’ve become angry. It changed because one day I looked up at that flag, and I thought: We owe you. We owe you big time. We owe you more than to sit by and endure a slide into the totalitarian cesspool the establishment has planned for America.

Oh, it’s benign totalitarianism, so long as you think and say the right things – to the right people. So long as you support one-world citizenship. So long as you worship at the altar of Marx and pay your “fair share” to support the ruling politburo and their finery. Think the right thoughts, comrade, and you will be free indeed!

If we let this happen, then we have shown more disrespect for the men who rotted in those communist hellholes than the thieves and political charlatans in D.C. who once each year pretend to honor them with their lips, but not their actions.

Those young men didn’t rot in those hellholes so that Chicago politics could break the back of America by destroying its economy and the hope of its children. They rotted in those hellholes so that when our time came to confront the challenges of our generation, we would have the opportunity – and the choice – to prevail over the evil facing us.

No generation can guarantee freedom to the next. The best any generation can do is to guarantee that the next generation has the choice between freedom and tyranny. That choice is up to them.

As I see it, the war on terror has had a good run. In the name of victory, the public debt has skyrocketed, the Constitution has been trampled underfoot and the freedoms we took for granted no longer apply.

If that’s the case, the terrorists have prevailed. All that remains is the national conversion to Islam, which our corrupt elites are so eager to achieve. At some point, the war on terror became the war on freedom.

Without a free America, there is no free world. All that remains is an endless orgy of soul-destroying bureaucratic self-indulgence, all in the name of keeping us safe.

Anger has its place in an election year. Town halls and polling places come to mind. America would do well to remember Ben Franklin’s response from the Pennsylvania Assembly to the governor:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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