Is your publication intentionally hypocritical? Or are you too dumb to realize it? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, that you realize it and that it is intentional that you feed off the hypocrisy of your readership. “You’re only giving them what they want” … right? People just love to read things that conform to their already preconceived notions.

So, your publication is filled with racially biased stories that your readership just loves to read. It confirms their narrow worldview, i.e., the thinly veiled racist “birther” attack that you help Mr. Corsi promote. There’s not one shred of fact that this guy has ever produced in a story. And you call him a “journalist” … ha,what a joke.

All the religious stories, looking to stoke the fears of the weak-minded. Get them all riled up by telling them that their beliefs are somehow in question or that they are somehow being discriminated against (interesting being on the other side of discrimination, huh?).

And the hypocrisy I speak of: Intermingled in with all of these Bible thumping, God-fearing, racist, bigoted and hate-filled material (the usual M.O. for good ole Christian right-wingers) is a story about Miley Cyrus discussing sex (God forbid).

I get it. The old, white guys that like to preach morals and God and spew their racist crap to everybody else are hypocrites. They like to read stories about hot, young, barely legal sex, just like every other red-blooded male in this country.

So just stop with the pretense. Your publication is a gossip rag. Its no better than the Enquirer or any other BS gossip magazine.

Just wondering if you know this … or are [you] really that dumb?

Robert Breen

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