Who is it that is more obsessed and hysterical about the eligibility issue – the so-called “birthers” or the media?

What is it that about a different viewpoint on constitutional requirements for president that turns normally mild-mannered TV journalists like Wolf Blitzer into angry, vein-bulging, red-faced zealots in defense of conventional wisdom?

What is it that prompts establishment news people to ridicule, demean and castigate anyone who dares to connect the dots of Barack Obama’s history of telling different stories about his past, hiding documents and, under pressure, offering up fraudulent records to bolster a crumbling narrative?

I’d say it’s a desperate bid for survival in an era when gatekeepers can no longer control what Americans think.

Most of these people are not dumb enough to believe Obama isn’t concealing some deep, dark secrets about his background. Some are, but not most.

That’s a fact just too obvious for any rational, halfway-informed person to accept.

No, there’s something very threatening to the media establishment about the eligibility story. It’s simply this: Should the real story ever be told of how Obama hoodwinked Americans into making him president when he wasn’t constitutionally eligible for the job, the finger-pointing and blame-making isn’t going to be limited to the community organizer and his supporters. It’s going to come back to haunt – and, quite possibly, destroy – the careers of those who enabled it all.

CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, the Associated Press and all the personalities who make their livings at those news agencies could quite possibly be finished, kaput, looking for new lines of work.

That’s what I see as the reason for the OBSESSION, and I use that word advisedly, with trashing and/or censoring any intelligent discussion of Obama’s eligibility and shadowy background.

Is it just me? I thought the role of the press was to seek the truth, ferret our secret documents, question everything politicians claimed.

Why is it that we’re supposed to accept on faith what Barack Obama says – even when his story changes over the years?

It makes no sense. It is irrational. And that’s why I strongly suspect there’s an element of self-preservation and self-interest at work here when people like Greta and Wolf are so determined to toe the media establishment party line by either blacklisting anyone who raises these issues or attempt to verbally crucify and humiliate them.

Aren’t they at all embarrassed by what they are doing?

It’s a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

It’s a dishonor to the watchdog role of the press.

It’s a discredit to the protection these people get from the First Amendment and all the sacrifices that were made to create a free press for a free people.

Why are the media acting like a cabal?

Do you have any other explanations besides their complicit guilt in covering up the truth for so long? Is there any going back? How do you tell your audience, your constituents, the people who pay your salary that you let them down – big time?

Understand what I am telling you and who I am: I am a media insider. I’ve spent a long and productive and rewarding career in journalism. I’ve run daily newspapers in major markets. I’ve taught journalism in major universities. I’ve done everything you can do in this business. So I think my insight has some merit.

The facts are becoming clearer every day: Obama misrepresented his own origins for at least 17 years. He refused to produce a long-form birth certificate until last year – and then offered up one that is unverifiable and an apparent fraud. He refuses to release any student records that would set the record straight about how he was admitted and what kind of grades he received.

Yet, the press acts like those with doubts about him are crazy conspiracy nuts.

The only conspiracy I see is a conspiracy of neglect and malfeasance by the media.

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