Earlier this week, I announced that I would be working with fellow WND author Dr. Jim Garrow on the Pink Pagoda Girls project, which is involved in rescuing baby girls in the People’s Republic of China from infanticide as a result of that nation’s “one child per family” policy. Garrow’s exploits are chronicled in his recent book, “The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China,” which was just released by WND Books.

There are several reasons I chose to ally myself with The Pink Pagoda, one of which is that in so doing, I will be more readily able to call Americans’ attention to the sort of public policy toward which we ourselves are heading. The People’s Republic of China is, of course, a communist country; inasmuch as I have dubbed liberalism “communism on the installment plan,” there are noteworthy parallels that exist between the policies of a full-blown communist regime and those toward which America is gravitating.

Liberalism has also been accused of having given rise to a “culture of death,” and this is certainly true. As many have pointed out, places where rabid secular humanist policies have taken hold are usually the first to begin touting the “moral high ground” of legalizing euthanasia and practicing eugenics. Abortion, which was sold in the U.S. as being necessary as long as it was used in only the most extreme circumstances, has become an industry as well as an abomination, and it is clear that its original rationale was pretextual.

Just days ago, Planned Parenthood (founded by the celebrated eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger) was charged with engaging in a campaign of counseling for the selective abortion of baby girls right here in the U.S. It is also more or less common knowledge that Sanger’s advocacy for abortion was originally done with cutting the birth rate among black Americans (in particular) in mind.

While even many conservatives laughed off my assertion that Barack Obama was an out-and-out communist back in 2008, it has become apparent to nearly all of them that this is in fact the case. Commentators who knew that he had at least not been properly vetted at that time are now strongly encouraging others to take a second look at his history, associations and policies prior to running for president. I am in agreement that the rationale for so doing is a good one; being apprised of these aspects of Obama’s story will certainly serve to clarify the policies he has implemented as president.

That said, Obama is not the problem, nor is he the proverbial head of the snake. In the aggregate, America has been gravitating toward socialistic and communistic public policy for decades.

At this juncture, many conservatives are laughing off my assertion that Obama may be planning a full-scale overthrow of the current system, complete with riots, martial law and the advent of a totalitarian state. We can leave this argument aside for the moment and examine what is more evident: We have soft socialists among GOP leaders who have done nothing over the last several decades to stem the tide of encroaching socialism. Most of these – some even claiming to be conservatives – attended the same schools and currently hobnob in the same circles as dedicated socialists in the Democratic Party.

This being the case, it becomes difficult to believe that their agendas are that far apart. Recently, I postulated that the Republican Party’s job at this point might be to simply appear to provide resistance to the Democratic Party’s unvarnished agenda and stampede toward socialism. The jury is still out in my mind as to what extent this may be true.

If it is true, then Americans really have no reason not to believe – given the empirical evidence – that death panels, euthanasia of the old, infanticide and forced abortion are in our future, as they are in places like China. It merely begins with such measures as abortion, assisted suicide and Obamacare, and most Americans still have no idea of what horrors await them regarding the latter obscenity.

Marxists in the West – among the most craven and morally putrescent creatures to walk the Earth – are no different than those who came to power in nations where people were suffering actual oppression. They are no more than narcissistic, malcontented losers who crave power. The only difference is that in the case of America, their modus operandi has been of an incremental rather than revolutionary nature.

The grotesque, soulless finished product is beginning to come into focus, however – and an increasing number of Americans are horrified at the specter. This is why the left has become more aggressive in their efforts, why the lies have become outright and the propaganda more preposterous with each passing week. It is why criminals and street-level operatives are now on the move, agitating fringe groups and targeting “enemies” whom the administration perceives as a threat.

It’s all out of the communist playbook; unfortunately, Americans stopped studying that text some time ago.

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