On June 5, Wisconsin voters will put an end to one of the most tumultuous years any state government has seen in recent years as they determine the fate of Gov. Scott Walker.

The governor is the subject of a recall attempt by public sector unions over new laws Walker and a Republican legislature approved last year to force union members to contribute more to their benefits and pensions.

The plan also restricted the collective bargaining power of unions.  Critics succeeded in getting the recall effort on the ballot. Right now, Walker seems likely to survive the attempt to remove him from office and he’s finding plenty of support among the Tea Party Patriots. The grassroots organization does not formally endorse candidates, but co-founder Jenny Beth Martin says her group is sympathetic toward Walker because he is one of the few politicians who has done exactly what he promised to do despite a torrent of opposition.

“We need to be looking for people as they’re running for office who are willing to make the tough decisions now to correct the problems our economy is having so we can have a more prosperous future,” Martin told WND.

Martin also believes recall efforts undermine the principles of a democratic republic. She says barring extraordinary circumstances, public office holders should be held to account at their next scheduled election. Martin also tells us how the Tea Party Patriots are involved in other races around the country and why three core principles – and not specific candidates – are at the heart of the movement.

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