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Obama 'kowtows' to China while babies die

Editor’s note: Above are both segments of a two-part radio interview with Rep. Chris Smith

This week’s trip by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is being overshadowed by the story of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng.

Chen has been imprisoned and confined to house arrest in recent years but recently escaped to the U.S. embassy. He is now declaring his desire for asylum.

Chen has been a target of the Chinese government for his vocal opposition to forced abortions and the one-child policy.

Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., has been a critic of China’s human rights record for decades, and he has been shining light on Chen’s plight for years as well.

“Most people, including the Obama administration, have been worse than silent when it comes to the one-child per couple policy in China,” Smith told WND. “They have given money to the U.N. Population Fund … over $100 million U.S. taxpayer dollars have been given to this organization that enables this policy in China.”

Smith says the forced abortions in China are responsible for the slaughter of 100 million girls over the past 33 years, as parents terminate pregnancies unless it’s a boy and the government mandates abortions for any subsequent children. The government also requires abortions of all pregnancies of unwed mothers.

The congressman also takes us inside the diplomatic process and explains what leverage we actually have with the Chinese to help dissident Chen Guangcheng and whether we’ll use it.

“We have not raised our voices and have not withheld our funding to those organizations who are aiding and abetting this horrific abuse against women and children,” Smith told WND.

Smith also discusses how long it may take to resolve this issue. He also saves some very strong criticism for President Obama.Smith says Obama has “said not one word” to confront China over it’s forced abortions, horrific treatment of political and religious groups and other human-rights atrocities.