How is it that none of these blacks are charged with a hate crime but if the situation were reversed every white man would be charged with a hate crime? [“Arrest made in black-mob attack on whites”] This double standard is disgusting.

Look, I am not saying that they should be charged with hate crimes. Crime is crime. There should be no hate crime laws and no gun laws. If you kill someone with a club or a bat or a gun, it is murder. If you kill, rape or assault someone, it is murder, rape or assault – regardless of the skin color of either individual.

What bothers me is if a heterosexual assaults a sodomite he is charged with a hate crime but not the other way around. If a white man assaults a black it is a hate crime, but obviously not the other way around.

Our society has fallen to a very low place. How much lower can we go?

Steve Woods

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