WASHINGTON – In an entire issue of Christianity Today’s prestigious Leadership Journal devoted to spiritual warfare, the editors chose Karl Payne, author of the WND Books’ release “Spiritual Warfare” to write an introduction to removing demonic oppression from those inflicted with it.

“What do you say to a man who constantly battles feelings of inferiority, thoughts of suicide, or habitually hearing voices telling him he’s a loser who will never measure up as a husband, dad, son or child of God?” Payne’s essay begins.

It’s a problem affecting not just unbelievers, says Payne, who has worked most of his life in the field of demonization. It’s a very real problem for many who are true believers in Jesus but who have opened doors to oppression of this kind.

Payne learned how to deal with demonization by trial and error – not in the seminaries, where very little attention is paid to such matters.

Payne is a pastor of discipleship and leadership training at Antioch Bible Church in Seattle and the chaplain of the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks.

He has received rave reviews from colleagues and victims of demonization for his work in the area for over 35 years.

“The essay by Payne is a concise overview of what he writes about in his bestselling ‘Spiritual Warfare,'” says Joseph Farah, chief executive officer of WND and WND books. “If you are interested in this subject, but not yet committed to purchasing the book, reviewing this material in Leadership Journal’s website will provide you with a free glimpse of what’s at stake.”

Read the entire article on the Leadership Journal website here.

Order Payne’s “Spiritual Warfare” book here.

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