It is good that the rock thrower has been identified and arrested. It is not good for the police to say there is no evidence that it was racially motivated. There was no justifiable reason for that sentiment to have been present, except that it had been fomented over time by those who have been motivated by violence.

Why would the youth throw the rock, except for the agitation of Al Sharpton and his ilk and the unconscionable, deliberate misreporting of the mainstream media, who are trying to throw more gas on the fire? It is time to call these outlaws to account and not cover for them, as the police obviously are doing.

This is a situation in which many people need an attitude adjustment. The blame does not rest on this group of teenagers but on the way the schools, parents and community has trained them and then incited them to riot. Yes, there definitely is a racial foundation to this attack, and we should lay the indictment on the ones who have been guilty.

Richard L. Whitford

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