What can be done when the political class becomes a criminal class? In the abridged account, the political class used the 9/11 atrocity and the economic meltdown as self-serving opportunities to grab a new constellation of unconstitutional powers and plunder trillions of dollars from generations to come. In this account, the political class pumped fear to fatten their own pockets and assume unprecedented control over the lives of Americans. History and our descendants will excoriate, even damn, these criminals and their facilitators.

Nat Hentoff diagnosed the disease: “This is happening in America?”

Larry Klayman prescribed the remedy: “Time to indict the political class!”

Mitt Romney could win in a cakewalk if, in addition to dissecting Obama’s economic failures, he frequently attacked Washington’s scorched-earth policies that are obliterating, with the stroke of a pen, centuries of hard-fought freedoms and liberty.

In the final analysis, though, the traditional political process has failed to protect the American people and their Constitution from a marauding out-of control political class. We the People may eventually have little choice but to, as Larry Klayman tells it, “impanel our own grand juries, as proscribed in the Constitution, and bring criminal charges against those establishment politicians and public servants who are bringing down our nation through their corrupt actions.”

God bless and keep WND.

R. Martin

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