[To Chelsea Schilling:] I just wanted to personally thank you for this investigation and report on [child porn on Facebook], as I worked at NCMEC’s Cybertipline as an analyst.

It is so foreign to the public this type of content even exists, and most would rather not know, from my experience. I know all about Facebook and their two abuse agents working on policing the entire network for child porn. I can recall having 20,000 reports weekly by about six to seven analysts or less while working at the Cybertipline.

The problem is way worse then just FB. I remember seeing a trend in the content being reported from sites like ancestry.com by the public. We would need to notify these companies directly of the problem they had no clue about.

I think the article is a great way to show the public the reality of the problem – its not just FB. New sites were forming every day, and the images and videos would be moved from site to site.


Danielle DiBruno

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