I’m closely following articles concerning Obama’s birth certificate and especially the progress being made by Sheriff Arpaio. When I hear Donald Trump say, “There are more important issues I would rather talk about such as the economy,” I cringe. There is nothing more important!

This country has been under a curse or a facsimile thereof since Obama has been a candidate for president. My ancestors came to this country for freedom of worship in 1733, so I couldn’t be more American – and I’m watching this great nation go down the tube morally and economically. The moral issues (including fraud in the White House) must be resolved ahead of the economic problems or we’re wasting precious time. Rick Santorum was right when he said immorality is bankrupting this nation.

I don’t expect America to repent until the economy collapses – then they’ll all scream “Oh my God!” just like they did on 9/11. But this time, we won’t be able to “rebuild” (Isaiah 9:10) – God has given us our last chance.

Let’s put everything else aside and settle the birth certificate issue before the election goes forward and it’s too late. If Barry gets re-elected, nothing will stop him. I have said from Day 1 – “What better way for the Muslims to take down the Great Satan than to have their key man in the White House?” It’s happening before our very eyes.

Dorothy Yonker-Grappo

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