Advertising child-porn sites

Bechard told WND child-pornography traders are profiting from posting links to their outside video galleries on Facebook.

“Many of these guys have hidden galleries and links to videos they have or have taken,” he said. “That’s the real money for them, in the videos.”

During the WND investigation, it was a common occurrence to find links to outside child-pornography websites with photos and video captions. The following are a few of those captions:

“Arabian boy f–k his neighbor 13 yo”
“Mom seduces son in bedroom”
“Arabian teacher rapes his student”
“Boys f–k each other”
“Arabian boy f–k his younger brother in the a–”
“Circumcision of boys”

The administrator for the group “Planet-of-Boys” posted a visitor advisory on his Facebook page:

“Enter Our Blog and Chat live wz people who love boyz share emails and links safely – you can got deleted if you do that on facebook but on our blog you will not got deleted and you can have fun all the time [sic].”

‘They had no idea this exists’

Bechard said one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is public unawareness of child pornography on Facebook.

“One problem is the fact that very few people even know this problem exists,” he said. “Nobody knows about it.”

Bechard and Lepoutre informed congressional staffers, who work in the area of child abuse and commercial sex exploitation, of the child pornography on Facebook.

“They had no idea this exists, because they all, by their own admission, love Facebook,” Bechard said. “It’s helping them get elected or prevented others from getting elected. Everybody uses the thing.”

The following is a local news report about the startling trend:

Concerned individuals may do the following:

Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.

Sign the petition to stop child porn on Facebook.

Contact members of Congress and urge them to act now.

If you have stumbled upon content appearing to be child pornography, report it immediately to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

(Part 2 of this series will examine the response of Facebook and law-enforcement officials in the ongoing battle against child porn on Facebook.)

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