You all should be ashamed of yourselves trying to dig up information on the president! Sheriff Joe is deep down prejudice and a good old red-neck sheriff. The only reason he is doing this because the president is African-American and more educated and smarter than the sheriff.

The GOP wants control and [to] make their rich friends richer. We don’t want go back to Jim Crow days! Wake up, American citizens, and see what’s happening before your eyes. You better vote President Obama back in office.

You think the economy is bad now? You haven’t seen anything yet! You think Romney is for the middle class? You’re dead wrong! Stop blaming the president for everything, when the GOP doesn’t want to pass bills that would get people back to work.

As for Donald Trump, checking on the president’s birth certificate, they should check Trump’s sneaky deals and lawsuits that people have filed on him! Oh, by the way, with all the money he has he needs a new hairdo. Looking like the back end of a skunk!

Regina Powell

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