Does the government have any authority to play moral referee when it comes to marriage? Read the Constitution for yourself and you will see the answer is NO!

The president recently gave his views on homosexual marriage. He, in his own private life, has the right to his opinions – but acting as a government official supposedly under the authority of the U.S. Constitution, he has NO authority to take sides on the definition of marriage. Our nation is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and our Constitution does not give any government official (especially federal) the authority to be a morality referee and get involved in defining marriage one way or another.

The conservatives should not cheer when the government defines marriage as one man and one woman, and the liberals should not cheer when the government defines it to include homosexuals or others, because when the government does so, either way it is wielding power it was never granted by the supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. Marriage is a private religious matter and is defined privately, as it has been for thousands of years. The first marriage originated between the first two humans, Adam and Eve, way before any human government was around.

Our Constitution protects a person’s right of free speech to define marriage for themselves any way they chose, but they don’t have the right to petition the government for special favors at the expense of the rest of us. Our Constitution gives our government no option other than to be neutral on private social issues like education and marriage. It has NO authority to take one group’s definition of marriage and foist it on the rest of us using force (i.e. legislation). The government is being a law unto themselves, and this is why in reality this country is no longer a free nation. Why are we spreading “freedom” around the world through these overseas wars when we don’t truly have it here at home?

Let’s face it: We have been conquered; we are SLAVES, and it’s our fault! We’re too busy getting fat and entertaining ourselves to care about how our Constitution is being disrespected (to say it mildly) by the same politicians who take an oath to honor it! You may think you’re free because you can still vote, but if you think elections (especially federal elections) aren’t rigged and that there’s really a real difference between the two major political parties to choose from, you’re living in a dreamland.

In addition, you need a license (i.e. their permission) to drive, get married, travel and just about everything else today. You don’t realize they’re treating you worse than cattle because you’ve bought the lie that they’re doing it for “your safety and security.” Just remember, any government you treat as your savior and beg to give you everything is the same government who will one day take everything away from you, and that has already begun. When the government pass laws and regulate social issues such as education and marriage, which the Constitution grants them no authority to do, and We the People allow them to do this, it would be an understatement to say the People are grossly ignorant of their Constitution. It’s time for the sheeple to wake up and non-violently, but firmly demand their “representatives” in government confine themselves to the U.S. Constitution.

Jay Ricci

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