In 1963, America’s most famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, won the landmark lawsuit filed on behalf of her son William, that effectively banned prayer in public schools.

William Murray’s classic bestseller, “My Life Without God,” chronicles how he was used as a pawn in the lawsuit and how his mother’s bitterness and an embrace of Marxism combined to fuel her atheistic movement.

“It was Marxism that led her to atheism. She had a dysfunctional, argumentative personality and she was unable to hold a job,” Murray told WND. “That led her to the unemployment lines and communists and Marxists and Nazis and the KKK and every other weirdo organization and philosophy in the world, they all recruit their people out of the welfare lines.”

He also explains how he changed from a much calmer Marxist and atheist than his mother to a Libertarian-type atheist. This shift alienated him from his mother to a great extent and set him on a path of seeking worldly fulfillment. But rather than satisfy him, that course left Murray broke, divorced and begging the mother he loathed to raise his daughter.

“I was able to hold down a job and I didn’t like the Marxism or the tax money being taken out of my check, but I kept the atheism with it … of course, God is not present and all of your goals in life are to have the best booze, the best sex and the best food. And when you live that kind of lifestyle, it’s self-destructive.”

Murray also explains how he found salvation in Jesus Christ in 1980 and how he can now see the steps leading to that dramatic conversion.

Now the head of the Religious Freedom Coalition, Murray discusses the role his family had on our nation and his work now to defend the freedom of religion from those still seeking to scrub God from the public square.

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